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John Flynn

TPG Capital, L.P.
John Flynn has served as a member of our board of directors since April 2018. Mr. Flynn is a Principal at TPG Capital (“TPG”), where he is a member of the Internet, Digital Media & Communications group and the Technology group. Mr. Flynn serves on the board of directors of two private companies in the technology, digital media and communications industries: RCN Telecom Services and Eze Software. Prior to joining TPG in 2015, Mr. Flynn was a Principal at Silver Lake Partners, a private equity firm, where he managed investments in numerous technology, communications, digital media, and internet commerce companies. Mr. Flynn also serves on the board of directors of the San Francisco Zoo and Friends of the Urban Forest, a non-profit organization. Mr. Flynn graduated with honors with a degree in finance and accounting from the Wharton School and a degree in systems engineering from the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences at the University of Pennsylvania.
Independent Director