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SEC Filings

GREENSKY, INC. filed this Form 10-Q on 11/09/2018
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GreenSky, Inc.
Information as of September 30, 2018 and for the three and nine months ended September 30, 2018 and 2017 is unaudited
(Dollars in thousands, except per share data, unless otherwise stated)

3. Fair Value of Assets and Liabilities
We have financial assets and liabilities subject to fair value measurement, which include our loan receivables held for sale, finance charge reversal ("FCR") liability and servicing liabilities associated with transfers of rights to previously charged-off loan receivables ("Charged-Off Receivables").
We apply the market approach, which uses observable prices and other relevant information that is generated by market transactions involving identical or comparable assets or liabilities, to value our loan receivables held for sale and the income approach, which uses valuation techniques to convert future amounts to a single, discounted present value amount, to value our FCR liability and servicing liabilities.
Loan receivables held for sale
Loan receivables held for sale are recorded in the Unaudited Consolidated Balance Sheets at the lower of cost or fair value and, therefore, are measured at fair value on a nonrecurring basis. For our loan receivables held for sale, fair value approximates par value, as we have consistently sold loans for the full current balance in historical and current period transactions with federally insured banks that originate loans under the GreenSky program and any other lenders with respect to those loans (referred to henceforth as "Bank Partners").
Loan receivables held for sale are classified within Level 2 of the fair value hierarchy, as the primary component of the price is obtained from observable values of loan receivables with similar terms and characteristics sold to our Bank Partners. We have the ability to access this market, and it is the market into which these loan receivables are typically sold. Refer to Note 4 for additional information on our loan receivables held for sale.
Finance charge reversals
Our Bank Partners offer certain loan products that have a feature whereby the account holder is provided a promotional period to repay the loan principal balance in full without incurring a finance charge. For these loan products, we bill interest each month throughout the promotional period and, under the terms of the contracts with our Bank Partners, we are obligated to pay this billed interest to the Bank Partners if an account holder pays off the loan balance in full within the promotional period. Therefore, the monthly process of billing interest on deferred loan products triggers a potential future FCR liability for the Company. The FCR component of our Bank Partner contracts qualifies as an embedded derivative.
The FCR liability is carried at fair value on a recurring basis in the Unaudited Consolidated Balance Sheets and is estimated based on historical experience and management’s expectation of future FCR. The FCR liability is classified within Level 3 of the fair value hierarchy, as the primary component of the fair value is obtained from unobservable inputs based on the Company’s data, reasonably adjusted for assumptions that would be used by market participants.
The FCR liability is not designated as a hedge for accounting purposes and, as such, changes in its fair value are recorded within cost of revenue in the Unaudited Consolidated Statements of Operations.
Charged-off receivables
Periodically, we transfer our rights to certain Charged-Off Receivables in exchange for a cash payment based on the expected recovery rate of such loan receivables, which consist primarily of previously charged-off Bank Partner loans. We have no continuing involvement with these Charged-Off Receivables other than performing reasonable servicing and collection efforts on behalf of the third parties and Bank Partners that purchased the Charged-Off Receivables. The proceeds from transfers of Charged-Off Receivables attributable to Bank Partner loans are recognized on a collected basis as reductions to cost of revenue, which reduces the fair value adjustment to the FCR liability in the period of transfer. The following table presents details of Charged-Off Receivables transfers during the periods indicated.