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SEC Filings

GREENSKY, INC. filed this Form 10-Q on 11/09/2018
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Bank Partners, or merchants to meet minimum standards of service and quality; inadequate protection of consumer information; failure of merchants to adhere to the terms of their GreenSky program agreements or other contractual arrangements or standards; compliance failures; and media coverage, whether accurate or not. Negative public opinion can diminish the value of our brand and adversely affect our ability to attract and retain Bank Partners, merchants and consumers, as a result of which our results of operations may be materially harmed and we could be exposed to litigation and regulatory action.
We may be unable to successfully develop and commercialize new or enhanced products and services.
The consumer financial services industry is subject to rapid and significant changes in technologies, products and services. Our business is dependent upon technological advancement, such as our ability to process applications instantly, accept electronic signatures and provide other conveniences expected by borrowers and counterparties. We must ensure that our technology facilitates a consumer experience that is quick and easy and equals or exceeds the consumer experience provided by our competitors. Therefore, a key part of our financial success depends on our ability to develop and commercialize new products and services and enhancements to existing products and services, including with respect to mobile and point-of-sale technologies.
Realizing the benefit of such products and services is uncertain, and we may not assign the appropriate level of resources, priority or expertise to the development and commercialization of these new products, services or enhancements. Our ability to develop, acquire and commercialize competitive technologies, products and services on acceptable terms, or at all, may be limited by intellectual property rights that third parties, including competitors and potential competitors, may assert. In addition, our success is dependent on factors such as merchant and customer acceptance, adoption and usage, competition, the effectiveness of marketing programs, the availability of appropriate technologies and business processes and regulatory approvals. Success of a new product, service or enhancement also may depend upon our ability to deliver it on a large scale, which may require a significant investment.
We also could utilize and invest in technologies, products and services that ultimately do not achieve widespread adoption and, therefore, are not as attractive or useful to our merchants and their customers as we anticipate. Our merchants also may not recognize the value of new products and services or believe they justify any potential costs or disruptions associated with implementing them. Because our solution is typically marketed through our merchants, if our merchants are unwilling or unable to effectively implement or market new technologies, products, services or enhancements, we may be unable to grow our business. Competitors also may develop or adopt technologies or introduce innovations that change the markets they operate in and make our solution less competitive and attractive to our merchants and their customers. Moreover, we may not realize the benefit of new technologies, products, services or enhancements for many years, and competitors may introduce more compelling products, services or enhancements in the meantime.
Changes in market interest rates could have an adverse effect on our business.
The fixed interest rates charged on the loans that our Bank Partners originate are calculated based upon a margin above a market benchmark at the time of origination. Increases in the market benchmark would result in increases in the interest rates on new loans. Increased interest rates may adversely impact the spending levels of consumers and their ability and willingness to borrow money. Higher interest rates often lead to higher payment obligations, which may reduce the ability of customers to remain current on their obligations to our Bank Partners and, therefore, lead to increased delinquencies, defaults, customer bankruptcies and charge-offs, and decreasing recoveries, all of which could have an adverse effect on our business. See Part I, Item 3 “Quantitative and Qualitative Disclosures about Market Risk.”
Increases in loan delinquencies and default rates in the GreenSky program could cause us to lose amounts we place in escrow and may require us to deploy resources to enhance our collections and default servicing capabilities, which could adversely affect our ability to maintain loan volumes.
Loans funded by our Bank Partners generally are not secured by collateral, are not guaranteed or insured by any third party and are not backed by any governmental authority in any way, which limits the ability of our Bank Partners to collect on loans if a borrower is unwilling or unable to repay. A borrower’s ability to repay can be negatively impacted by increases in the borrower’s payment obligations to other lenders under home, credit card