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SEC Filings

GREENSKY, INC. filed this Form 10-Q on 11/09/2018
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report that we obtain and review, a customer may have defaulted on, or become delinquent in the payment of, a pre-existing debt obligation, taken on additional debt, lost his or her job or other sources of income, or experienced other adverse financial events. Where an inaccuracy constitutes fraud or otherwise causes us to incorrectly conclude that a loan meets the applicable underwriting criteria, we generally bear the risk of loss associated with the inaccuracy. Any significant increase in inaccuracies or resulting increases in losses would adversely affect our business.
We rely extensively on models in managing many aspects of our business. Any inaccuracies or errors in our models could have an adverse effect on our business.
In assisting our Bank Partners and merchants with the design of the products that are offered on our platform, we make assumptions about various matters, including repayment timing and default rates, and then utilize our proprietary modeling to analyze and forecast the performance and profitability of the products. Our assumptions may be inaccurate and our models may not be as predictive as expected for many reasons, including that they often involve matters that are inherently difficult to predict and beyond our control (e.g., macroeconomic conditions) and that they often involve complex interactions between a number of dependent and independent variables and factors. Any significant inaccuracies or errors in our assumptions could negatively impact the profitability of the products that are offered on our platform, as well as the profitability of our business, and could result in our underestimating potential FCRs.
If assumptions or estimates we use in preparing our financial statements are incorrect or are required to change, our reported results of operations and financial condition may be adversely affected.
We are required to make various assumptions and estimates in preparing our financial statements under GAAP, including for purposes of determining finance charge reversals, share-based compensation, asset impairment, reserves related to litigation and other legal matters, and other regulatory exposures and the amounts recorded for certain contractual payments to be paid to, or received from, our merchants and others under contractual arrangements. In addition, significant assumptions and estimates are involved in determining certain disclosures required under GAAP, including those involving fair value measurements. If the assumptions or estimates underlying our financial statements are incorrect, the actual amounts realized on transactions and balances subject to those estimates will be different, which could have a material adverse effect on our business.
The consumer finance and payments industry is highly competitive and is likely to become more competitive, and our inability to compete successfully or maintain or improve our market share and margins could adversely affect our business.
Our success depends on our ability to generate usage of the GreenSky program. The consumer financial services industry is highly competitive and increasingly dynamic as emerging technologies continue to enter the marketplace. Technological advances and heightened e-commerce activities have increased consumers’ accessibility to products and services, which has intensified the desirability of offering loans to consumers through digital-based solutions. In addition, because many of our competitors are large financial institutions that own the loans that they originate, they have certain revenue opportunities not available to us. We face competition in areas such as compliance capabilities, financing terms, promotional offerings, fees, approval rates, speed and simplicity of loan origination, ease-of-use, marketing expertise, service levels, products and services, technological capabilities and integration, customer service, brand and reputation. Many of our competitors are substantially larger than we are, which may give those competitors advantages we do not have, such as a more diversified product and customer base, the ability to reach more customers and potential customers, operational efficiencies, more versatile technology platforms, broad-based local distribution capabilities, and lower-cost funding. Commercial banks and savings institutions also may have significantly greater access to consumers given their deposit-taking and other services. In addition, because many of our competitors are large financial institutions that own the loans that they originate, they also have certain revenue opportunities not available to us.
Our existing and potential competitors may decide to modify their pricing and business models to compete more directly with our model. Any reduction in usage of the GreenSky program, or a reduction in the lifetime profitability of loans under the GreenSky program in an effort to attract or retain business, could reduce our