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GREENSKY, INC. filed this Form 10-Q on 11/09/2018
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revenues and earnings. If we are unable to compete effectively for merchants and customer usage, our business could be materially adversely affected.
Our revenue is impacted, to a significant extent, by the general economy and the financial performance of our merchants.
Our business, the consumer financial services industry and our merchants’ businesses are sensitive to macroeconomic conditions. Economic factors such as interest rates, changes in monetary and related policies, market volatility, consumer confidence and unemployment rates are among the most significant factors that impact consumer spending behavior. Weak economic conditions or a significant deterioration in economic conditions reduce the amount of disposable income consumers have, which in turn reduces consumer spending and the willingness of qualified borrowers to take out loans. Such conditions are also likely to affect the ability and willingness of borrowers to pay amounts owed to our Bank Partners, each of which would have a material adverse effect on our business.
The generation of new loans through the GreenSky program, and the transaction fees and other fee income to us associated with such loans, is dependent upon sales of products and services by our merchants. Our merchants’ sales may decrease or fail to increase as a result of factors outside of their control, such as the macroeconomic conditions referenced above, or business conditions affecting a particular merchant, industry vertical or region. Weak economic conditions also could extend the length of our merchants’ sales cycle and cause customers to delay making (or not make) purchases of our merchants’ products and services. The decline of sales by our merchants for any reason will generally result in lower credit sales and, therefore, lower loan volume and associated fee income for us. This risk is particularly acute with respect to our largest merchants that account for a significant amount of our platform revenue.
In addition, if a merchant closes some or all of its locations or becomes subject to a voluntary or involuntary bankruptcy proceeding (or if there is a perception that it may become subject to a bankruptcy proceeding), GreenSky program borrowers may have less incentive to pay their outstanding balances to our Bank Partners, which could result in higher charge-off rates than anticipated. Moreover, if the financial condition of a merchant deteriorates significantly or a merchant becomes subject to a bankruptcy proceeding, we may not be able to recover amounts due to us from the merchant.
Because our business is heavily concentrated on consumer lending and payments in the U.S. home improvement industry, our results are more susceptible to fluctuations in that market than the results of a more diversified company would be.
Even though we recently expanded into the elective healthcare industry vertical and may continue expanding our services into other industry verticals, our business currently is heavily concentrated on consumer lending in the home improvement industry. As a result, we are more susceptible to fluctuations and risks particular to U.S. consumer credit, real estate and home improvements than a more diversified company would be as well as to factors that may drive the demand for home improvements, such as sales levels of existing homes and the aging of housing stock. We also are more susceptible to the risks of increased regulations and legal and other regulatory actions that are targeted at consumer credit, the specific consumer credit products that our Bank Partners offer (including promotional financing), real estate and home improvements. Our business concentration could have an adverse effect on our business.