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SEC Filings

GREENSKY, INC. filed this Form 8-K on 11/13/2018
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2018 Guidance Reconciliation Originations Guidance (given August 7), in $millions Low End $5,100.0 Originations Guidance (given November 6) Mid-point $5,000.0 Adjusted EBITDA Guidance (given August 7), in $millions Low End $192.0 P&L Geography Origination Volume variance ($100M at 7%) (7.0) Transaction Fees FCR (Liability build), at 1.8% of avg. servicing portfolio)) (1.0) Fair Value Change in FCR Liability Cost of Revenue (Orig. and Servicing Expense) (1.7) Cost of Revenue Adjusted EBITDA Guidance (given November 6) Mid-point $170.0 38 Other (Misc., Op Ex, Other Inc./Exp.)(1.5)Various Bank Margin Increase plus Charge Off increase (net of recovery proceeds) (6.9)FCR Receipts Portfolio Yield (6 bps higher) 2.8 FCR Receipts Transaction Fee in Q3’18 (7% v. 7.5%) (6.7)Transaction Fees Change in forecast from 35% to 33% YoY Growth (100.0)