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SEC Filings

GREENSKY, INC. filed this Form 8-K on 02/06/2019
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(7)           a representation as to whether such stockholder intends (i) to deliver a proxy statement and form of proxy to holders of at least the percentage of the Corporation’s outstanding capital stock required to approve or adopt such business or (ii) otherwise to solicit proxies from the stockholders in support of such business;


(8)           all other information that would be required to be filed with the SEC if the stockholder or any Stockholder Associated Person were participants in a solicitation subject to Section 14 of the Exchange Act; and


(9)           a representation that the stockholder shall provide any other information reasonably requested by the Corporation.


(e)           Such stockholders shall also provide any other information reasonably requested by the Corporation within five business days after such request.


(f)            In addition, such stockholder shall further update and supplement the information provided to the Corporation in the notice or upon the Corporation’s request pursuant to Section 2.07(e) as needed, so that such information shall be true and correct as of the record date for the meeting and as of the date that is the later of 10 business days before the meeting or any adjournment or postponement thereof. Such update and supplement must be delivered personally or mailed to, and received at the office of the Corporation, addressed to the Secretary, by no later than five business days after the record date for the meeting (in the case of the update and supplement required to be made as of the record date), and not later than seven business days before the date for the meeting (in the case of the update and supplement required to be made as of 10 business days before the meeting or any adjournment or postponement thereof).


(g)           The foregoing notice requirements shall be deemed satisfied by a stockholder if the stockholder has notified the Corporation of his or her intention to present a proposal at an annual meeting and such stockholder’s proposal has been included in a proxy statement that has been prepared by management of the Corporation to solicit proxies for such annual meeting; provided, however, that if such stockholder does not appear or send a Qualified Representative to present such proposal at such annual meeting, the Corporation need not present such proposal for a vote at such meeting, notwithstanding that proxies in respect of such vote may have been received by the Corporation; and provided further, that the foregoing shall not imply any obligation beyond that required by applicable law to include a stockholder’s proposal in a proxy statement prepared by management of the Corporation. Notwithstanding anything in these Bylaws to the contrary, no business shall be conducted at any annual meeting except in accordance with the procedures set forth in this Section 2.07.


(h)           The chairman of an annual meeting may refuse to permit any business to be brought before an annual meeting that fails to comply with this Section 2.07 or, in the case of a stockholder proposal, if the stockholder solicits proxies in support of such stockholder’s proposal without having made the representation required by Section 2.07(d)(7).


(i)            The provisions of this Section 2.07 shall govern all business related to stockholder proposals at the annual meeting of stockholders; provided that business related to the election or nomination of directors shall be governed by the provisions of Section 3.03 and not by this Section 2.07.


2.08        List of Stockholders. It shall be the duty of the Secretary or other officer who has charge of the stock ledger to prepare and make, at least 10 days before each meeting of the stockholders, a complete list of the stockholders entitled to vote thereat, arranged in alphabetical order, and showing the address of each stockholder and the number of shares registered in such stockholder’s name. Such list shall be produced and kept available at the times and places required by law.  If the meeting is to be held solely by